Yes, here we are.

1 Sep

In one day, so many events, so many stories created and I think to write them down, believing they might point the way for someone else. It’s all I care about. I’ve been dragged out of the mud by the invisible and in my hopeless gratitude I want to extend my hand. I know my writing might turn off some…and this means I might in fact wind up penniless on the streets afterall. (I like to jump to conclusions.)  I will never be the professional a part of me thinks I need to be. I will always only be this. this quivering mess of love and beauty and grace.


One Response to “Yes, here we are.”

  1. Shera Davis September 13, 2013 at 3:27 pm #

    Erica – I adore the way your words flow across the page. Your writing style is so utterly beautiful that I want to study it in my quest to solidify my own style. Of course, I am also giddy to connect with a NHA comrade. Im in need of likeminded souls right now. Keep in touch ❤ Shera

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